My Poem for Ending Domestic Violence

image courtesy of Jason Leung

In the realm of a plight that needs to subside,
We delve into a topic where hearts collide.
Domestic violence, a dark and tragic verse,
Calls for education to enlighten and disperse.

Let us embark on a quest of knowledge and might,
To educate men under ignorance’s blight.
For it’s through comprehension that seeds are sown,
To break the cycle and ensure violence is unknown.

With patience and teachings, let empathy bloom,
Instill respect and awareness to banish the gloom.
Teach them to cherish, to value and uphold,
The rights and wellbeing of others untold.

Open the doors of awareness, wide and clear,
Unveiling the confines of prejudice and fear.
Empower them with ways to cope and converse,
Be it through understanding or seeking diverse.

Enlighten their minds on the harm that’s carried,
By actions and words that leave hearts harried.
For education holds the key to change,
Turning ignorance into empathy, rearrange.

Equip them with tools to resolve conflicts, unlearn,
The reign of violence, let compassion return.
Teach them to channel emotions through gentle care,
Breaking the cycle, spreading love everywhere.

For in dismantling stereotypes and norms,
We pave the pathway to security’s warm.
To educate men on love, respect, and trust,
The foundation to eradicate violence, we must.

So let us rise united, women and men,
Educate, communicate, as one we ascend.
Together we’ll combat this darkness within,
And kindle a future where love and peace win.