Real Men clean up their Messes

Mess Cleaning— Opportunity for Positive Male Action!

Since many men like action, a phenomenon exists that might be appealing. When we clean up our messes, we do it from a level of consciousness quite different to the one we had when we made the original mess. Remember Einstein saying, “One can’t solve a problem with the same level of consciousness that created it.”
Mess cleaning creates an opportunity to grow. It can build positive character qualities starting the moment we decide to begin.
If we have told lies, cheated, stolen or profited unfairly from certain behaviours, that weighs heavily on our soul and may ultimately harm our health in some way.
Why not give it a try?

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With your new-found consciousness and intention, get on the phone and begin making amends. You may not always get a good response, but you will know your intention was good and you’ve done the best you can.

Reclaiming Integrity
Integrity is crucial in the mess cleaning up process; our integrity may have been off when we made the mess but we can enter this next stage with new and clear integrity. I’ll discuss this complex topic in future eBooks; suffice to say now that we cannot become an authentic man without integrity.
You could make a mess list today and begin to make things right; sometimes it can be as simple as an explanation and/or an apology.

• Our consciousness shifts the moment we decide to mess-clean
• We grow during the process – growth is significant and lasting
• Many men like action—this is ‘positive change action’
• We feel empowered having done our best to set things right
• The rewards are greater than we can imagine
• Cleaning up our messes locally contributes to peace globally
• No man who does this work wants to revert to his old ways